Engaging and Building Communities


Project Community
   Internship+Volunteer Fairs
   Tour of sites
   Community Service Institute
   Brown Bag discussions
   Kids Fest

Community Sites
   Servant Center
   Pathways, Amburee Edwards
   YWCA, Eliza Stevenson, Ro Lutenbacher
   CAT Kids, Jarrett Knepper, Fernanda Gonzalez
   Latino Impact, Roberto Mojica
   Oakwood, Isabel Gutierrez, Marimar Mantuano
   Ashton WoodsEmmanuel Williams, Rebecca Reyna
   Glen Haven,  Elliott Jarrett, Suin Ksor
   Page HS Life Skills, Lek Siu, Hlois Mlo
   Lunch Buddies Christy Samaniego
   Elimu, Zach Lindsey
   First Friend / AFSC
  Church Under the Bridge, Nicole Zelniker
   Rosewood Women’s Learning Group, Vung Ksor
   Career Academy
   El Roble, El Salvador
   African Youth Initiative

CAAP Projects, Events, Teresa Bedgzigui 
  Condom Fairies
  HIV Testing
  Annual symposium 
  Community outreach

Public Health Projects
Mamta Gurung
A new position that recognizes the connection between local and global health issues.

Food Justice Projects, Events
Marek Wojtala, Sarah Miller
  Guilford College Farm
  Farm Stand 
  Campus Pantry
  Community Kitchens Project
  Stop Hunger Now

  Farmers Curb Market
  Mobile Market, Moira O’ Neill 

Independent Projects
  Roads to College
  African Youth Initiative

Community-Based Research (LINK)
  Hypertension Risk in SE Asian Adults in the US South 

  ACORE Science Community Engagement Project

  Plants and Food Use for Hypertension Management Among Montagnards in Vietnam and North Carolina, USA

Community-Based Policy Research 
   Roads to College
   International Advisory Committee (City of Greensboro),  Jose Oliva, Lek Siu
   Bhutanese Society of High Point, Mamta Gurung 
   Montagnard American Organization 
   Greensboro Interim Civilian Police Review Committee
   People to People Liaison 

Summer Camps
Camp Matumaini
Camp Elimu (Elimu)
Fly & Focused (SocialDesigns) 

How to...

Move from service to empowerment at your site
Popular Education and Freedom Schools can help empower your community 

Minimize debt during your 4 years
To close the tuition gap, Tell your adviser and favorite professors, who can suggest opportunities, department prizes, awards. Use advanced online searches for scholarships that reflect your profile. Scour Buzz notices for in-house grants. Talk to upperclassmen about how they make ends meet. Work like crazy in the summer. Put out a lot of applications and have a resume that puts you ahead of high schoolers. Keep parents informed.  

Understand what connects Community Service to Community-Engaged Scholarship to Community-Based Research and Careers beyond
Your roadmap

Apply to Guilford scholarships and grant opportunities
   Bonner Scholars
   Bonner Center Hunger Fellows
   Bonner Center AIDS Fellows 
   Multicultural Scholars Leadership Program (MLSP)
   Principled-Problem Solving Scholars (PPS)
   Summer Research Scholars Program (URCE)
   Senate Community Scholars grant
Apply to Guilford awards
   Algernon Sullivan Award

Get money for your site or project
Leaders can access money by applying to Bonner Advisory Board (BAB), a student-run, decision-making committee. Pick up form at Bonner Center.

Apply to be a Project or Site Coordinator or Fellow
Go here for general info.

Leaders  Incident Report form (PDF)

Leaders  How to check site and project participants’ hours. You have been sent Google share notices to review Google docs and comment as needed. If the hours are correct, "sign" your name by making a comment stating you approve. (Don’t forget to add your name to the comment.)

Leaders  If you need to edit your site or project page


2015 Fall Premester Schedule
Click here.
2015 Leaders Training exercises
Premester to Volunteer Fair
Working doc
Premester to CSI training
Online community service training

Premester to Day of Service and Day of Reflection
Planning for deep campus engagement.

What is High Impact? Getting professors to pay attention, and other terms you’ll hear

Understanding Racism Workshops
Fri-Sun, Oct 30Nov 1, 2015
Fri-Sun, Feb 12-14, 2016
Fri-Sun, Apr 1-3, 2016

How Guilfordians help Guilfordians through decades-old community sites

Understanding Racism Workshops
Fri-Sun, Oct 30Nov 1, 2015
Fri-Sun, Feb 12-14, 2016
Fri-Sun, April 1-3, 2016

Refugee Becoming Guilfordians: Facts in 500 Characters

Example of Academic-Community Partnership Towards Language and Cultural Preservation
Western Carolina's Cherokee Studies

2015-16 Discussion Series
Research with Local Communities, 2015-16
Total of 7 presentations about scholarly work and engagement with local communities
Format: 1 hour
Schedule (1 x per month)
Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April

Bonner Center Brown Bag Lunch Series, 2015-16

Career opportunities based on service learning experiences students gain at Guilford. Alums and others discuss how they used community experiential learning to aid employment search and build careers, or influence their academic and life decisions.

Format: 1 hour lunch at Wed Caf, time TBA, max 1x per month
--Hosted by Project Community
Schedule (1 x per month)
Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March, April
New Cultural Competency 
Updating our CSI training

New Leadership Module 
Under development, ready for Premester

What’s the Premester Schedule?
   Project Community schedule
   Coordinators' schedule
   Baby Bonner schedule

New Leadership Team 2015-16

Project Community 2015-16
Rio White, Project Coordinator

AIDS Fellows, 2015-16
Teresa Bedgzigui

Hunger Fellows, 2015-2016
Sarah Miller, Farm Stand
Marek Wojtala

Site and Project Coordinators, 2015-16
Mo Mo San, Zi Huang, Cultural Competency
Nicole Zelniker, Church Under the Bridge
Mamta Gurung, Bhutanese Society
Vung Ksor, Christy Samaniego, Newcomers School
Jarrett Knepper, Fernanda Gonzalez, CAT Kids
Emmanuel Williams, Rebecca Reyna, Ashton Woods
Jeffrey Ray, Glen Haven
Amburee Edwards, Pathways
Roberto Mojica, Latino Impact
Lek Siu,Hlois Mlo Page HS Life Skills
Isabel Gutierrez, Marimar Mantuano, Oakwood Forest
Zach Lindsey, ELIMUEliza Stevenson, Ro Lutenbacher YWCA
Moira O’ Neill, Mobile Market
Alex Marlowe, Farmer's Curb Market

NCAT Urban Agriculture 
Project starts Wed March 18, working with Bonner Center and refugee communities.

Bread for the World
Food conference in Raleigh. Moira O’Neill organizing students to go.

First Year Bonners on Spring Social Justice Trip
Coastal South Carolina

Guilford Undergraduate Symposium
Deadline March 27, 5 PM. 

For Bonner Center coordinators and Fellows

Food and Farm Related
FoodStorm: Guilford College team going to UNCG

Farmer Foodshare: Developing ways to help run this excellent program

Mobile Market: Developing team and doing practice runs to Glen Haven.

Bhutanese Society of High Point
Assessing needs through upcoming charrette.

Career Academy
Assessing ways to assist a new community partner

Greensboro Counter-Stories
Looking for facilitators who reflect the true face of the City.

Project Community Spring Planning  Happening during J-Term

Lennon Lacy Project  Learn about our involvement in police accountability and controversy in Bladensboro NC.

Opportunity: Tutors needed for Oakwood, Pathways. Contact Andrew

Leaders: Make plans to have your site covered during J Term. Contact me about details.

Collaborative Research  Jane Fernandes was a supporter while at UNCA of SENCER, an NSF-funded organization supporting science and community engagement. Find out about our key role in developing a grant project application from Guilford and NCAT.

Listening to Marginalized Voices  Learn about the fight we’re involved in to make sure refugee and immigrant community leaders have representation through the City’s Human Relations Commission. Contact Andrew

Guilford County School Board  Learn about our involvement with Guilford County Schools, from after school tutoring to support of in-state tuition for undocumented college applicants.

Organizing for a Community Center  Learn about our involvement to help a refugee neighborhood obtain its own community space.

El Salvador as a Community Site   Through a local Salvadoran nonprofit we’re exploring the possibility of an ongoing Study Abroad community site, headed by Bonner Scholars.

IRB and Project Design  Ever work with community partners to design a research project?