25 YEARS: Engaging and Building Communities
Bonner celebrates its 25th at Guilford College.

Sites + Projects


Project Community Club Isa Guttierez (president), Ro Lutenbacher, K'la Sanders, Cristy Samaniego
  Tour of sites
  Community Engagement Fair
  Community Service Institute
  Kids Fest
  Cultural Competency Project 
  Day of Service

Community Sites
Servant Center, Rehshetta Wells
Pathways, Ayellor Karbah
YWCA, Ro Lutenbacher, K'la Sanders
CAPA Kids, Danny Rodas Garcia, Lakshmi Premysler
Latino Impact, Roberto Mojica
Oakwood, Hector Rivera, Veronica O’Neill
Ashton Woods, Elijah Rogan-Kelly, Evandro Cassoma
Glen Haven,  Risuin Ksor
Page HS Life Skills, Hlois Mlo
Newcomers Tutoring Christy Samaniego
Newcomers Garden, Veronica Zambrano Coffie
Church Under the Bridge, Connor Pruitt
Women’s Learning Group Vung Ksor
Career Academy, Travon Lynch
Cottage Grove Neighborhood, Sel Mpang, Theresa Gregory

Food Justice Club
Elliott Jarrett (president), Sophia Perlmutter, Veronica Zambrano Coffie, Emely Cabrera
  Guilford College Farm
  Farm Stand 
  Campus Pantry
  Community Kitchens Project
  Stop Hunger Now
  Farmers Curb Market
  Mobile Market, Elliott Jarrett

Bhutanese Health and Wellness
Montagnard Hypertension
Montagnard Ethnobotany

Montagnard NCAT Farm
Allies in Community Outreach, Research and Engagement

Summer Camps
Camp Matumaini




empowerment at your site
Popular Education and Freedom Schools can help empower your community 

Apply to Guilford scholarships and grant opportunities
   Bonner Scholars
   Bonner Center Hunger Fellows
   Bonner Center AIDS Fellows 
   Multicultural Scholars Leadership Program (MLSP)
   Principled-Problem Solving Scholars (PPS)
   Summer Research Scholars Program (URCE)
   Senate Community Scholars grant
Apply to Guilford awards
   Algernon Sullivan Award

Your top questions
Can I apply to be a Bonner Scholar? 
Yes. Freshmen and sophs can apply. For qualifications info, click here. Or contact James Shields.

How do I log my hours? How do I find out how many hours I’ve logged?
For the online form, make sure you are signed in to your Guilford gmail account and click here. You receive a receipt when you submit hours so check these first before contacting Amber Hamilton

What is the link to start community-engagement training?
Go here.
What’s a Community Scholar?
If you have work-study, you can choose to do community engagement work to complete your hours. Contact Susan May.

Can my community engagement work count as an internship or independent study?
It might. Start the conversation with your adviser or professor. Interested in community research? Contact Andrew Young. Internship requirements? Contact Megan Walters.

How do I find out more about each site?
For general information, ask Susan May or Andrew Young. For site details, contact student coordinators listed on the far left column.

If I don’t see a site I’m interested in, can I perform service elsewhere? 
Yes! Contact Susan May.

If I missed training, what do I do?
Since training is mandatory before you go on site, contact Andrew Young.

Can I join the Food Justice Club? Project Community Club?
Yes! These are student clubs that work closely with Bonner Center and are open to all. Contact club presidents Elliott Jarrett (Food Justice) and Isa Guttierez (Project Community)