2014-15 Sites, Projects, Events 

Project Community Events
Internship+Volunteer Fair, Fall and Spring
Blood Drives, Fall and Spring
Kid Fest, Fall and Spring
Brown Bag Lunch Series

Day of Service
Campus Promo and Info Sessions
Brown Bag Lunch Series

Fellows Projects and Events
Condom Fairies
HIV Testing
Annual Symposium
Mobile Market
Low Tech Green House 
Low Tech Cold Storage
Farmers Market at Guilford
Food Pantry
Community Kitchens Project

Stop Hunger Now 
Soup Bowl

Independent Projects
Roads to College
Guilford College Mental Health Outreah
African Youth Initiative
Montagnard Research Team
Cupcakes for a Cause
Church Under the Bridge

Community Sites
Glen Haven 
Ashton Woods
Rosewood Life Skills
Rosewood Women’s Learning Group
First Friends/Empire Crossings
Latino Impact 
YWCA Teen Families
Lunch Buddies
Oakwood Forest
Servant Center
CAT Kids

Additional Community Scholars’ Sites and Projects
American Friends Service Committee
Greensboro Housing Coalition
Caldcleugh Multicultural Arts Center 
Policy Researcher 1
Policy Researcher 2
International Montagnard Conference Project
Interactive Resource Center
ARC of Greensboro
Reading Connections
Greensboro Farmers Curb Market

Additional Bonner Center Collaboratives
Senegal Global Youth Exchange Project
Camp Matumaini
CNNC-Bonner Research Projects

AUG 25–27, Mon-Wed, 11:30-1:00 PM at Founders... Talk to student leaders from Project Community and other Service Learning sites outside the Caf in Founders. Know what site or project you wish to volunteer for? Register and sign up for CSI (Volunteer training on Saturday).

WED AUG 27, 1:30-3:30 PM, come to the Internship and Volunteer Fair in Sternberger and talk to reps from nonprofits, Project Community, Bonner Center community sites, and Career Development Center. 

Have WORK-STUDY? Do community service work and become a Community Scholar! Contact or for more info.

SAT AUG 30, 9 AM - 1 PM. Community Service Institute (CSI) Volunteer Training. For all volunteers who wish to perform Service Learning at community sites and projects. Registration at the Bonner Center starts at 8:45 AM. Training ends at 1 PM.

 Bonner Scholars + Fellows 
Acuht Thapa
   Providence RI
 Arraya Tull,
   Plymouth Meeting PA
Donzahniya Pitre, 
  Oakland CA
Eliza Stevenson,
  Mars Hill NC
Elliott Jarrett,
  Greenville SC
Hidania Ubaldo de Pena,
  Providence RI
H’Lois Mlo,
  Greensboro NC
Iris Suarez,  
  Springfield MA
Isabel Gutierrez,
  Managua, Nicaragua
Jose Bernal Munoz,
  Greensboro NC
Marimar Mantuano,
  Brooklyn NY
Nate McManus,
  Philadelphia PA
Olivia Gregg, New
  Cumberland PA
Risuin Ksor, 
  Greensboro NC
Savannah Dew,  
  High Point NC 


2014-2015: We’re cracking down.

Bonner Leadership Network: Fellows, Coordinators, Scholars
Leaders build teams recruited from volunteers, Bonner and Community Scholars and students from classrooms in order to run sites and projects. Sites and projects are funded from several sources such as clubs and BAB (Bonner Advisory Board).

Monday, Aug. 18 — Friday, Aug. 22. 

Important Upcoming Dates

Wed Aug 27
Table outside the Caf led by
Project Community, 11:30-1:30
   Promote community service opportunities; other sites and projects can contribute hand out material, etc.
Internship and Volunteer Fair, 1:30-3:30 Sternberger
   Have promo materials ready; tabling and display material
Sat Aug 30
Community Service Institute (CSI), 9:00 AM - 1:00
   You will be taking your team through required training for volunteers at service sites; make sure your team is there.
Wed Sept 3
Table outside the Caf led by the Hunger Fellows, 11:30-1:30
   Promote hunger and food issues; sign up volunteers at Soup Bowl
Sat Sept 6
Soup Bowl XVII
   Friendly collaboration with Greensboro College to collect food and fight hunger led by Hunger Fellows and supported by Project Community.
Every Wednesday
Meet Project Community, Site and Project Coordinators, 11:30-1:30 table outside the Caf
    Promote Day of Service opportunities, project and  service learning sites
Sat Sept 27
Guilford Day of Service: Values to Practice
     Guilford College turns out in full force working throughout the city; Project Community will have a central role.

Important terms and definitions you must know for 2014-15
High impact      Education buzzword. It means learning that's both broad and deep. Experiential or "hands-on" work that we do at the Bonner Center is almost always high impact.

BAB (Bonner Advisory Board)      Bonner Foundation money tagged for student projects. Moneys must be requested and approved in advance by an authorizing board of Bonner students.

Campus versus community     We usually refer to everyone at Guilford, from administrators to students, as the “campus” in contrast to the larger surrounding city of many neighborhoods, businesses, organizations, institutions etc, which we refer to as “community”.

Club      In Guilford College culture, the way in which some projects, sites and events are funded.

Cultural competency      A special kind of training about understanding how to live outside your own culture and understand and appreciate other cultures.

Dollars, Talent, Task and Time (budget)      Think about not what you want to do but how you will do it. A budget means who (talent) will do what (task) when (time) with what resources.

Leadership Network      In 2014-2015, nobody works alone. 
Resume   In 2014-2015, everybody has to know what skills they're building and how they will describe them on a resume.

Project      A project coordinator oversees a project. A series of planned events bounded by a stated beginning and end, with goals and a budget and a logic model (means of measuring effectiveness and success). 

Project Community     Technically, Project Community is a club. Historically, however, it functions as campus-based site dedicated to encouraging Guilfordians to be involved in community service.

Reflection     Reflection is the minimum level of feedback leaders should capture as a way of evaluating progress. It occurs on the individual and team level and asks participants about their views on personal, individual and team performance within the context of a stated mission, goal, action or event. Other forms of feedback include project and site-level evaluations, post-mortem, or after-action.  All feedback must be “fed-back” into the process, individual and collective experience, project or site in order for the team to advance, project to succeed or site to grow.

Resume     As a personal, academic and professional goal, we want you to consider how you connect your community engagement experiences with your resume and portfolio. If you haven’t done so, inform your faculty adviser and other faculty members you work with about your community engagement work. 

Site      A community site is a physical place with regular hours. It represents an on-going relationship between Bonner Center and a host organization or community, neighborhood, etc.  A site coordinator team oversees a site. 

Team      The basic action unit through which community work is accomplished by us. Although students can operate individually (a team of one), we prefer teams that are sustainable and can distribute workloads.

Training      To be on site or part of a project, participants must be prepared. If you're a leader, you will need training (Premester). Leaders will train their team members at CSI (Community Service Institute).

Leadership Network (Site Coordinators, Project Community Coordinators, Independent Project Coordinators, Interns, Fellows)
• Sign your contract by clicking here. This commits you to attend Premester on Aug 18-22.
• Create goals for yourself, your team and your site. Goals are changeable but we want you to write some down now. Click here to register your goals. 

Independent Project Coordinators
If you are an Independent Project coordinator and wish to continue, then know that all projects have timed out. You must reapply now. Click here.