Bonner Celebrates its 25th Year at Guilford College.

Connecting Campus to Community
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Sites + Projects

Project Community Club Isa Guttierez, Josh Sanders, Xinxin Daisy Zhou, Patricia Martinez
Student government liaison, 
Community Scholars promotion
Classroom presentations
Premester hosting
Community Engagement Fair
Community Service Institute
Cultural Competency Project, XinXin Daisy Zhou
Day of Service, 
Kids Fest Days, Community Scholars
Staff Appreciation Days,

Community Sites and Programs
Pathways, Kaled Atchabao.
YWCA, Eliza Stevenson, Shayne Kenny
CAPA Kids, Lakshmi Premysler, Abigail Bekele, Danny Rodas Garcia
Latinx Impact, Berenice Fuentes, Marimar Mantuano
Oakwood, Mia Massuci, Librado Mendoza Sosa
Ashton Woods, Mohamed Togol, Ansley Sink
Glen Haven Risuin Ksor
Newcomers Tutoring Hlois Mlo
Church Under the Bridge, Jackie Sullivan
Cottage Grove, Sel Mpang, Michael Critton
Summit Cone Apts, Zaynah Afada, Imani Ames
Latinx Caucus, 
Soy Un Lider, Jeniffer Gonzales, Fernando Jimenez, Daisy Arguello
Bhutanese Health and Wellness, Mamta Gurung
Guilford Middle, Lilian Santoro
Servant Center, Rehshetta Wells

Food Justice Club Elliott Jarrett (president), Sophia Perlmutter
Guilford College Farm, 
Farm Stand, 
Quaker Cupboard, Regina Gardner, Ana DeLeon
Community Kitchens Project, 
Newcomers Garden, Zaynah Afada, Kassir Atchabao
Mobile Market, Amelia Hall
Oasis Farmers Market, Mallory Cerlewski

Community Engaged Scholarship and Community Based Research
Refugee Housing, Muhadisa Daqiq,Chen,Young

Bhutanese Health and Wellness, Mamta Gurung, Rinker, Dharod, Khadka,Young et al

Montagnard Hypertension, Shreeniwas, Morrison,Young et al

Montagnard Ethnobotany, Bush, Renfrew, V. Ksor et al

Montagnard Oral History, Bush, Renfrew, V. Ksor et al

Montagnard NCAT Farm, Raczkowski, Renfrew, V. Ksor et al

Allies in Community Outreach, Research and Engagement, Malotky, Bernot et al

STEM Promotion, Lilian Santori, Jeniffer Gonzales, Isa Guttierez, Carrington Smith, Daniel de la Rosa, Ashley Siddle, Webster et al

Summer Camps

Fall Premester
Training for Site and Project Coordinators, Bonner Fellows, and Food Justice and Project Community club officers runs Aug 17-23. Only approved students can attend. Contact Andrew Young.

Baby Bonners
First year Bonners arrive Aug 17, 2017 undergo program orientation and then join general Freshman Orientation on Aug 20.
• Premester and Baby Bonners schedule

Fall Semester Dates to Know
Classes on Thursday (Aug 24) and Friday (Aug 25), followed by Guilford College's Day of Service (Aug 26), Bonner Center's Community Engagement Fair (Aug 30) and Bonner's Community Service Institute (Sep 2), an all-day training and learning conference.
Visual guide

National Folk Festival
On Sep 8 –10, there's no better way to encourage new students to get off campus and learn about Greensboro, the region, and national cultural scene.
National Folk Festival

Read the Buzz: Scholarship and award opportunities
Various offices announce opportunities and deadlines throughout the year. Be alert, especially in spring when many deadlines are announced. 

Mainstream media: Really Sooo embarrassing when job and career interviewers ask you about recent regional, national and world news — and you don't know! So get informed. Read them: the NY Times and Washington Post remain the nation's papers of record.

What’s a Community Scholar?
A Community Scholar completes their assignment off campus in the community. If you have work-study, you can choose to do community engagement work to complete your hours. Contact Susan May.

Can I apply to be a Bonner Scholar? 
Freshmen and sophs can apply to be a Bonner Scholar. For qualification info, click here. Or contact James Shields.

Do I need to train before I go to a site? 
Yes, training is mandatory.
• Community Engagement Training

If I missed training, what do I do?
Since training is mandatory before you go on site, contact Andrew Young.

Can my community engagement work count as an internship or independent study?
In many cases, yes. Start the conversation with your adviser or professor. Interested in community research? Contact Andrew Young. Internship requirements? Contact the Career Development Center.

I think my resume will look really good if I am a Bonner, QLSP Scholar, MSLP Scholar, RA and Community Scholar. Will it?
No. Each program has a focus and demands that require more than you being able to show you can "do the hours". 

How do I find out more about each site?
For general information, ask Susan May or Andrew Young. For site details, check out the links and contact student coordinators listed on the far left column.

If I don’t see a site I’m interested in, can I perform service elsewhere? 
Yes! Contact Susan May for ideas.

Can I join the Food Justice Club? Or Project Community Club?
Yes! These are student clubs that work closely with Bonner Center and are open to all. Check out their club pages (Food Justice, Project Community) in this Website and contact their club officers.

Where can I get reliable information about what's going on at Guilford?
The Buzz, believe it or not. Notices and info are submitted by offices, departments, centers, clubs and individuals. Get in the habit of scanning the Buzz in the mornings so you don't miss valuable opportunities, from scholarship and grant deadlines to off-campus trips, events and fun stuff.

Should I tell my adviser about my service learning work?
Yes. Don't assume they know. To be an effective adviser and advocate, they must know your interests and passions. The can't recommend summer internships or grad schools unless they know how important your service work is to you.