CET New Greensboro Tour

Doing is Believing: The New Greensboro Tour
Karrie Manson’s FYE class on tour, November 2013. Jim Keith came along!
Talking about social conditions in the classroom and seeing and visiting them are two different experiences.

The New Greensboro Tour closely reflects the changing demographics of our region. We start with an overview of demographic trends through 2030 and 2040 and visit some of our Bonner Center community sites and associated neighborhoods and centers.

We like to make tours small — about 8 people, but can also do large class tours. Contact us for details.

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Sample Tours

Tour 1
1.5 hours, select locations and community sites
An introduction to community service, Bonner Center community sites, history and location of important refugee, immigrant, African-American and other marginalized groups and communities.

Tour 2 
2 hours, non-stop (or minimum stops)
General route, subject to change...
Guilford College > Super G >Empire Crossing >Nazareth >Servant Center >Beloved Center >Ashton Woods >Farmers Market >Rosewood >Walmart >Summit/Cone >Pathways >Glen Haven > Guilford College
Trace the dynamic changes of the city from alternate perspectives of refugees, immigrants, African-Americans, and other marginalized groups. Learn about history, social change, Guilford College student and alumni participation in making change, and something about getting around the Greensboro. Also useful for students: great places to eat and hang out, other things to do besides living in the Guilford College bubble.
Nov 17, 2013 tour info sheet 

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Tour 3 
2.5 hours, with stops
General route, subject to change 
Guilford College > American Friends Service Committee > Super G > Urban Farm > Hester Park >Servant Center > Pakse Cafe > Caldcleugh Center > CNNC > Church Under the Bridge > IRC > Farmers Curb Market > Ashton Woods > International Montagnard Dega Bible Church > Summit Avenue Apartments > Oakwood Forest > Glen Haven > Guilford

Community Partners, Sites and on-going Projects.
June 2, 2014 tour info sheet for faculty page 1
June 2, 2014 tour info sheet for faculty page 2


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Tour 4 2014-15 Premester
4 hours, with lunch and stops
General route, subject to change
Guilford College
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
Glen Haven Apartments, Greenbriar Road
Pathways Center, North Church Street
Summit Avenue and Cone Blvd
Oakwood Forest
Greensboro Landfill, White Street
Bessemer Shopping Center
Ashton Woods, Hahns Lane
McConnell Road and English Street
Greensboro Farmers'curb, Yanceyville Street
Chestnut Street
Mayfair Ave and Homeland Ave
Revolution Mill Studios, Revolution Mill Drive
Country Club
Center City Park, North Elm Street
Interactive Resource Center, East Washington Street
300 Spring Garden Street
The Servant Center, Inc, Lexington Avenue
Merritt Dr/Pomona Cotton Mill
Super G Mart, West Market Street
Doris Henderson Newcomers School
Guilford College

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