PREM Schedule & Activities

Leadership Training Exercises
Premester Leaders’ Knowledge: Day-by-Day Checklist

Day 1, Monday Aug 17    Your day starts at 11 AM and ends 10 PM
Day 2, Tuesday Aug 18     Your day starts at 9 AM and ends 9 PM
Day 3, Wednesday Aug 19     Your day starts at 8 AM and ends 9 PM
Day 4, Thursday Aug 20     Your day starts at 11 AM and ends 8:30 PM 
Day 5, Friday Aug 21      Your day starts at 12 noon and ends 7 PM +

When Premester is over you should 
Know how to efficiently and effectively use the Bonner Center and College resources to plan events and projects
• Understand how to build a team that works together
• Understand the history of your site or project and be able to tell its story to others 
Have the plans for a butt-kicking Kids Fest ready to execute

Post-Premester Important Dates
Mon Aug 24 Classes start 
Wed Aug 26 
      President's inauguration and site info displays
      Study Abroad Fair
Sat Aug 29 
      CSI walk through
      11-3 PM Congregational Nurse Health Fair @ Lewis Rec Center
Sun Aug 30 First All-Bonner meeting
Mon, Tues Aug 31-Sept 1
      Start regular Project Community and project-site tabling
      Start background checks
      Start online training
      Site visits by leaders
Mon-Friday, Aug 31-Sept 4
      CoCoDA presentations on El Salvador
Wed Sept 2 Volunteer Fair
Sat Sept 5 CSI training for volunteers
Fri-Sun, Sept 11-13 National Folk Festival 
Sat Sept 12 Day of Service
Wed Sept 16 Day of Reflection
Fri-Sun, Sept 18-20  Homecoming 
Mon, Sept 21 CNNC start up date for sites
(Fri, Sept 25 MSW, BSW students begin work at CNNC sites)

Oct 3 Montagnard community festival
October World's Best Kids Fest day 
Fri-Sun, Oct 30Nov 1 Understanding Racism workshop

Feb 12-14
Understanding Racism workshop
April 1-3 Understanding Racism workshop 

Caf Premester Hours
7-9 AM Breakfast (2.70)
12-1:30 PM Lunch (5.39)
4:30-6 PM Dinner (8.09) 

Bonner = Bonner sun room
Leak is a lecture hall in Duke
Caf = Cafeteria
Gilmer is just inside the Caf
Atrium is inside the Caf   

• Watch cultural competency videos. Review if you've seen them before. (click here)

• Watch these slide shows and read the accompanying captions per slide.
Guilford Confesses, from 2013 CSI
Welcoming Greensboro Initiative, from 2014 presentation to the City Council

• Read (or reread) Ivan  Illich’s To Hell with Good Intentions (1968) , from First Year Bonner class
• Read this short excerpt, part 1 and 2, by Malcom Gladwell, Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg, (1999), from The New Yorker magazine

• Read this short excerpt:  
THE ORGANIZER is a talent searcher, he’s like a talent producer. He’s looking for not just the one star but all kinds of talent. And if you find the right talent that you can train, then almost anything’s possible. Talent, in a sense, is people who have relationships with other people... it’s the talent of relating, a person who understands how to build trust... That’s my life. I’m a talent scout.” — Mike Gecan, in Hope Dies Last by Studs Terkel 
11AM-12 PM 

Dump your stuff and then be on time for lunch gathering.

If you wish to come early, you can hang out at Bonner. 
11AM-12 PM 

12-2 PM 
Thinking Lunch@Caf (rear) 
Andrew and Leaders, Three themes and how they’re connected.
Meet new Bonners and explain the themes
12 PM 
Parents’ Lunch@Caf (Atrium) with James

First Year Bonners’ Lunch@Caf (rear)
Andrew, Three themes and how they’re connected. 
Church Under the Bridge is a great example of community outreach, working with community and learning from community members.

Develop a list of do’s and don’ts, a guide, a list of expectations or a handbook for your site or project volunteers. They need it.
2:30-3:15 PM
Nicole, Connor, Working with Homeless People: A Manual

Training for volunteers is essential. 
1-3 PM 
If you want progress, then your communication skills are vital.

Example of 20-slides, 20 seconds (Pechakucha) format:
Me and Domicien

If you want to know how to really pitch, what to do and not do: This American Life, Million Dollar Idea. Click on Act 1 and listen (approximately 10 minutes long)
3:30-5 PM 
Andrew, Mamta, Christy, Rebecca: How to Pitch, Email, Buzz, Pechakucha and Table

Decorating your table with candy and info that’s useful
3-5 PM  
Icebreaker@Bonner sun room
James, Bonner 101, Part 1
Put your skills to practice, inform new Bonners, and win them to your site  5-6:30 PM  
Dinner@Caf (Gilmer)
Leaders: Site & Project Pitches 
5-6:30 PM  
Dinner@Caf (Gilmer)
Leaders: Site & Project Pitches

8-10 PM  
Chill Out@Bonner 
Ben, Nicole, Sav: Groovin’ with Ben, Nicole and Sav
8-10 PM  
Chill Out@Bonner 
Ben, Nicole, Sav: Groovin’ with Ben, Nicole and Sav

Breakfast service starts at 7AMBreakfast@Caf Breakfast at Caf
Be ready to connect your site or project to locations as we arrive.

Group 1 Leaders =
Ben, Sav, Nicole, Teresa B, Ro,
Fernanda, Connor, Amburee, Roberto, Hlois, Zach, Rebecca, Mamta, Moira, Zi

Group 2 Leaders =
José, Risuin, Donza, Jarrett, Eliza, Isabel, Marimar, Jennifer, Lek, Christy, Nia, Emmanuel, Aiperi, Sam, Marek, Mo Mo, Elliott, Alex
Bus Tour@Bonner parking lot 
James and Susan, Sites, Projects and Partners Tour

Group 1 Leaders go with tour.

(Group 2 Leaders: Meet in Bonner

9-10:30 AM
Andrew, Calendar of important dates

10:30 AM-12 PM 
Andrew, Bonner sites, projects and partners you must know
Bus Tour@Bonner parking lot James and Susan, Sites, Projects and Partners Tour
Eating healthy is a part of wellness and general good health. Wellness improves your performance as a learner and appreciation of life.12-12:45 PM 
Zaytoon’s Lunch@Center Park
Group 1 Leaders, assist 
(Group 2 Leaders:
12-1 PM
Do it yourself spring rolls)
12-12:45 PM 
Zaytoon’s Lunch@Center Park

1-2 PM  
Tour reflection@TBD
Leaders, assist

2:30 PM 
Return to campus 
Leaders, engage with First Year Bonners on your way back
(Group 2 Leaders:
1:00-2:00 PM
Communication Examples@ Bonner) 
1-2 PM  
Tour reflection@TBD

2:30 PM 
Return to campus
We connect global issues like migration caused by war to local newcomer populations in the area.

We dropped the ball on Kids Fests twice. Together we plan the best Kids Fest ever, emphasizing education, identity, confidence and community. 
3-3:50 PM 

Andrew, Forced Migration, Refugees, Immigrants and Changing Local Demographics

4-4:45 PM 
Jarrett, Ian, How To Plan Events at Guilford

Create a great Kids Fest
3:30-5 PM
James, Bonner 101, Part 2
Social justice is a part of everything we do. As a community activist, meet some community champions over lunch and make connections.

Students see only a tiny part of what Bonner Center does. Here's the bigger picture.
5-6 PM
Guests with Hosts Lek, Aiperi, Emmanuel, Zach, Networking with Social Justice Influencers 

Connect with important community leaders 

6-7:00 PM
Presentation and discussion@East Gallery
Ben, Nicole, Sav, Stuff You Must Know About Bonner

Ben, Nicole Sav, Day of Service and Day of Learning 
5-6 PM
Guests with Hosts Lek, Aiperi, Emmanuel, Zach, Networking with Social Justice Influencers 

Connect with important community leaders

8 PM +
Ben, Nicole, Sav: Movie & Game Night@Bonner
8 PM +
Ben, Nicole, Sav: Movie & Game Night@Bonner

Early start. Be ready!8-8:15 AM 
Light breakfast@Farm
Isabel, Marimar, set up 
8-8:15 AM 
Light breakfast@Farm

40% of land is devoted to food production. We waste a lot of food. Farm work is steady, hard  work. 8-11 AM 
Service work@Farm 
Marek, Sam, Moira, John Work assignments
8-11 AM 
Service work@Farm

11 AM 
Take a break, clean up
11 AM 
Take a break, clean up
If we’ve got plenty of food, then why are adults at Glen Haven malnourished? The Hunger Fellows and Mobile Market have been building community relations over the past year. 12-1:00 PM 
Marek, Sam, Moira, John  Reflection: Food Systems and Insecurity
12-1:00 PM 
Marek, Sam, Moira, Reflection: Food Systems and Insecurity
Major themes we will return to throughout the year. Finding information, sources, publications.

This year we want coordinators and teams on sites and projects to be working even more closely. Bottom line: View priorities from the community's perspective, not Guilford’s
2:00-3:30 PM Presentation@Leak
Andrew, Teresa B, Donza, Terms You Must Know, from Core Values to Universal Design to High Impact Practices

3:30-4 PM 
Snack Break
Christy, Hlois, set up

4-5:30 PM  
Leaders, Who do you need to be regularly connecting to? Allies to your cause on and off campus? Whats your platform
1:30-2:30 PM  
Workshop@Learning Commons
Time & Schedule Management
2:30-3:30 PM 
Ben, Nicole, Ice-Breaker


5:30-6 PM  
Ro, Eliza, set up

With Irving Zavaleta, new International students

7-9 PM 
Presentations@Moon Room
1st Year Bonners, State of the World 
Ben, Nicole, Sav, set up  
5:30-6 PM  
Ro, Eliza, set up

With Irving Zavaleta, new International students

7-9 PM 
Presentations@Moon Room
1st Year Bonners, State of the World 
Ben, Nicole, Sav, set up 


Breakfast on your own.Bonner Freshmen join Freshman Orientation
Before 11 AM discussion, watch Civic Engagement videos online. If you’ve seen them before, review and be ready to take a trainer's role facilitating and helping new leaders learn how to conduct a reflection.Before 11 AM 
View Civic Engagement + Cultural Competency Training Videos
How should you use these videos and discussions to push your team? At Guilford we talk about social justice and community engagement but most Guilfordians don’t know how to conduct themselves on site or how to build personal relationships with community members 11 AM-12 PM 
Andrew, CSI Training: Why train? and  Building community relationships
Experience the exercise that your team members will go through. If you’ve done this before, be ready to facilitate or evaluate the exercise and suggest improvements. You’ll be training your team during CSI. 12:30-2:00 PM Lunch@Tandoor  
Training exercise
Zi, Mo Mo, Civic Engagement + Cultural Competency review and training
Let’s take a very close look at assumptions and obstacles about experiential learning, from Study Abroad to High Impact Practices. 
• Andrew, The Montagnard Measure , Triad City Beat, July 2014

Church Under the Bridge is one example of cultural competency in operation. Here we present more examples.

Dream big, think big.

An introduction to education and social change.

A few published studies by CNNC researchers on the people we work with:
• Dharod, What changes upon resettlement: Understanding difference between pre- and post-resettlement dietary habits among South Asian refugees

3-5:30 PM 
Andrew, Learning and Cultural Competency, High Impact practices at work, and planning CSI

Presentations illustrating High Impact
4 minutes, 4 slides
Sav, Crappy housing in Greensboro and what you can do about it
• Vung, PEO speech
• Aiperi, Integrated Health Program
• Mamta, Bhutanese Health and Wellness Program
• Moira, Sustainable Food Systems
• HLois, Community Service to Research
Juliette Terry, Rethinking Glen Haven

City Market is located just off S Main St in downtown

Guilford College as a true steward of place. Let people know what you, your team and site are doing.
6-7 PM Dinner downtown on your own@City Market stalls

7-8 PM 
Building relationships@City Market (downtown)
Caucus leaders and supporting leaders, Make your pitch
Before we call it a night.  8-8:30 PM
Reflection@downtown TBA
All leaders, What did you experience? How easy or hard do you find direct community outreach?

Wake up later

Leaders interacting with Glen Haven, Ashton and Oakwood

Be familiar with
• CNNC, Volunteer Training Manual

Everyone else, meet with Project Community
Breakfast, Lunch on your own
12-1:30 PM
CNNC-Bonner Meeting@Alumni House
Andrew, CNNC partners, Glen Haven, Ashton and Oakwood leaders
12-1:30 PM 
Amburee et al, Project Community Council 
Freshman Orientation
The bottom line on forms, why Guilford must impose them, and why you must comply.

Tracking volunteers’ hours and why. You will required to plan, request funds for and execute a funded project on your site.

BAB is leading the way with accountability of hours and special fund sourcing for sites and projects.

1:30-2:30 PM Workshop@Leak
Andrew, Paying For It: Event Planning and Liability

Getting Kids Fest forms returned early

2:30-3:30 PM 

Ben, Sav, Nicole, Amburee, 
Entering your hours, How to track volunteers’ hours,
Paying For It: Budget First, Funding Sources and Compensation for Services,
3:30-4:30 PM Meeting@Leak
Bonner Advisory Board (BAB):  Year Goals, Accountability, Consequences
Mentoring and inspiring teens  and young adults from low income families is vital.

4:30-5:30 PM
José, Implementing Roads To College programming at Bonner sites
New organization of Project Community, and your role.

Coming days and weeks calendar 
5:30-6 PM
Leaders, Project Community Council Meeting

6-6:30 PM
Andrew, Your Checklist of Follow-up Things To Do
Take home, submit online

Final Test

7 PM 
Free! Grasshoppers Baseball Game@downtown stadium
Escorts Connor, Roberto 

Look for the next scheduled series and attend Understanding Racism, Part 1 and Part 2 workshops

Project Community Council Tasks
• Kids Fest follow-up plans

BAB Tasks
• Select cohort reps

Caucus Tasks

Individual Leaders’ Tasks
• Kids Fest follow-up tasks
• Create a funded project
• Be an active member or leader of your caucus
• Expect to regularly table
• Plan to engage classes and instructors about your site or project work
• JPS class, other classes
• Expect to participate in Project Community events
• Create a volunteer guide or list. Your site or project must have expectations, behavior, responsibilites, hours, etc clearly spelled out for volunteers

Checklist, secondary


Group 1
Teresa B

Group 2
Mo Mo