PC Kids Fest

Fall Kids Fest
11 AM – 3 PM
Saturday, Nov. 2
Hayworth Field
Guilford College Campus
(Rain locations Alumni Gym, Community Center and Bonner Center )

Forecast: 66° F, mostly sunny, 20% chance of light rain but clear by event time

Campus Volunteer Opportunity
Think kids are the future? Here's your chance to invest. Work with kids from our neighborhood sites — refugees, immigrants and low-income folks — who now make up 50% of NC school kids. Project Community is a student-led service that promotes everyone on campus to do meaningful stuff with the larger community. Everything from face painting to soccer to educational tours, we need your help. Contact projectcommunity@guilford.edu

Kids Fest is a kids’ day out especially for members of our community sites but the entire Guilford campus is welcomed to come and get to know our friends and neighbors. Kids Fest takes place in the Fall and Spring.

Permission Forms
All kids must have signed permission forms. Latecomers might arrive accompanied by a parent. If they sign the form they can participate.
No child or parent can board an event bus without first completing a permission form given out by an authorized Project Site Coordinator.
download permission form

10 AM: Set up on Hayworth Field
          • Project Community and volunteer crew arrive // Amburee Edwards
Before 11 AM: Bus pick up at Glen Haven, Ashton Woods, Emilu, Empire Crossing
          • Project Site Coordinators and/or volunteers must be present to accompany kids on the bus // Mariah
11 AM: Bus arrival, start of activities
          • Activity leaders and teams ready
          • Permission slip check // Trent
          • Open activities unless otherwise scheduled
12:30 PM: Lunch served
          • Lunch crew ready to serve // Gerardo Cruz Garza
                   Table Set Up: 11:15
                   Food pick up: 11:30-12:00
                          Nazareth, Tandoor, Sabor Latino

1:15 —2:00 PM Halloween Trick or Treat
          • Activity leader // Ruth deButts, Audrey Afanda
1:00 – 2:00 PM Roads to College - Middle School Campus Tour
          • Activity leader // Mara Stern, Michael Caswell
          1. Milner(1:00-1:10 pm)
          2. Gym (1:10-1:20 pm)
          3. MRC (1:20-1:30 pm)
          4. Founders(1:30-1:40)
          5. Bonner Center (1:40-1:50 pm)
          6. Library (1:50-2:00 pm) 
1:00 – 2:00 PM Roads to College - High School Campus Tour
          • Activity leader // Leah Merservey, Mary Heisey
          1. Gym (1:00-1:10 pm)
          2.  Milner (1:10-1:20 pm)
          3. Founders (1:20-1:30 pm)
          4. MRC (1:30-1:40)
          5. Library (1:40-1:50 pm)
          6.  Bonner Center (1:50-2:00 pm) 
2:00 PM — 3:00 PM Clay Workshop, Hege Cox Bldg.
          • Activity leader // Karla McDonald
3:00 PM Bus boarding
          • Project Site Coordinators and/or volunteers must be present to accompany kids on the bus
* Subject to change


Especially for Children
• Bouncy House // cccccc, activity leaders

• Face Painting // Veronica Bagundes, activity leader

• Pumpkin Painting // Emmanuel Williams, activity leader

• Karaoke // Mariah Perry, activity leader

• Glitter Tattoos // Khristina Hensley, activity leader

• Halloween Bags Decoration // Emely Cabrera, activity leader

• Halloween Trick or Treat // Ruth deButts, Audrey Afanda

• Cake Walk // Shelby Smith, activity leader

Especially for Middle Schoolers
• Clay Workshop (13 and up) // Karla McDonald, activity leader

• Middle School Campus Tour // Mara Stern, activity leader

• Girls Soccer // Leticia Benitiz, activity leader

• Boys Soccer // Chris Zero Roe, activity leader


Especially for High Schoolers
• Clay Workshop (13 and up) // Karla McDonald, activity leader

• Soccer Clinic // Soccer leaders

• Soccer Game // Jose Oliva, activity leader

• Girls Soccer //  Leticia Benitiz

• Roads to College Campus Tour // Leah Meservey, Mary Heisey, leaders

• FAFSA Information Session // included in campus tour follow up

Bus Schedule
Note: This isn’t an open boarding process. Kids have permission completed, volunteers and/or Project Site Coordinators are present at stops to assist kids boarding. Any exceptions must be cleared by authorized PCs.
Route 1 -  Bob Hubbard (driver)  – cell (336) 491-1545
Stop #1 – 20 people:  3900 Hahns Lane – 9:30 AM
Stop #2 – 10 people:  650 Burbank Street – 10:00 AM
Stop #3 – 10 people:  300 Montrose Drive – 10:30 AM

Route 2 -  Ken Brown (driver)  – cell (336) 210-2683
Stop #1 – 10 people:  2307 Phillips Ave –9:30 AM
Stop #2 – 10 people:  1606 Ridgewood Ave –  9:45 AM
Stop #3 – 20 people:  426 Greenbriar

Kids Fest General Help
Students available to be assigned as needed

MacKenzie Jones
Elijah A MacCarthy
Sadie Jane C Hunter


Don't read below this line!

Lunch Ideas for 120
Set Up: 11:15
Food pick up: 11:40-12:00

Lunch Time: 12:30

Total number of people for catering: 120
NO Pork or Beef
Budget of  <$1,000, but still need money for drinks, plates, cutlery, coolers, etc...

Must get
Cut up fruit, watermelon etc
Ethnic drinks 
Water Cooler
Lemonade Cooler
Plates, spoons, server, gloves, sani-wipes, towels

Permission slip link

Halloween Theme in Shore Hall? (Planning committee: Mary, Karlen, Danny, Leah)

Permission slips 2 weeks in advance (or earlier)
Accommodation for rainy weather; modify events as needed for rainy weather


$200 art activities

decorating bags