CAPA Kids: Change Through Art and Physical Activity
      After School Tutoring and Mentoring
      Boys to Men Program
      Citizenship Class

Use art, culture and  physical activity to enhance after school tutoring. CAPA Kids is an after school tutorial and enrichment program for students at Jefferson Elementary. Through the program we tutor and mentor children and also work with issues of social justice through art  projects and physical activity. CAPA stands for Change Through Art and Physical Activity! 

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Art Activities

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Guilford County Schools

Jefferson Elementary
1400 New Garden Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410  

Project Coordinators, 2015-2016
Jarret Knepper, Bonner Scholar
Fernanda Gonzalez, Bonner Scholar

Monday/Wednesday 2:30-4:30
Meet in the parking lot between Dana and New garden at 2:10 and carpool to Jefferson school.Return to Guilford at 4:30.
Create bonds with the students, allowing for relationships to build.  Enrich the lives of the students by giving them academic support as well as a creative outlet.  Retain volunteers from semester to semester.

This year so far we have doubled our number of 4th and 5th graders compared to the previous year.  We also had around 5-6 regular volunteers, allowing for more individual focus for each students.  Many new faces joined CAT Kids in the fall semester, we hope to retain the students we have gained. One struggle that we faced during the fall semester was balancing homework/tutoring time and art activity time.  Frequently, the students needed more than the allotted time to complete and have a solid understanding of their homework, leaving little to no time to begin an art project.  The project coordinators have considered devoting one of the afternoons solely to homework and the other to art projects.