Servant Center


Servant Center
Glenwood Neighborhood

Participate in evening activities and conversation with men at the Servant Center, a temporary shelter for homeless men with health problems.  

Boone Trip hopefully Nov, 20th 

2013-14 Goals 

Project Coordinator, 2013-2014
Michael Caswell, Bonner Scholar 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:30 - 9:00 pm (6:00 pm DEP Guilford/9:30 pm ARR Guilford)

Nov 22, 2013
Well, it is the Friday after the trip and I must say it was great. I cannot thank everyone who helped make this happen enough. I personally had a great time sharing a day trip in Boone with my friends, and meeting new people. I feel like I could talk about the trip for days. It was eye opening in so many ways. But for now I am going to share some photos from the trip. I will be holding a reflection with everyone that was on the trip very soon and I will relay that info back here. Thanks for reading.

Nov 15, 2013 
Today I finally got the news that the Servant Center will be going to Boone for sure. After a lot of preparing the work is going to pay off and we will be able to enjoy a day trip to Boone. Other than the that things at the servant center continue to be great.

Nov. 8, 2013
Well, we are getting closer to finalizing the Boone trip. I met with Lana the volunteer coordinator at Servant Center yesterday at Starbucks. We enjoyed good coffee and great reflection. Lana shared her feed back with me about how my volunteers and I have been making a impact at the Center. It was all good, we have been going twice a week for three hours for the past month now. I cannot thank all of my volunteers enough for being involved and committed to this site. Along with the Boone trip we plan to continue to come up with new ideas and new ways to expand this site.

Servant Center History
The Servant Center, Inc was established in 1991 as an Episcopal street-outreach serving low-income and disabled people under a federal grant with the Social Security Administration.
As a result of engaging the homeless in hospitals, shelters and on the street in 1996, The Servant Center founded the first transitional respite housing program in Greensboro and named the program, Servant House.

After several years with difficulties in finding permanent housing for the graduates of The Servant House, the Servant Center founded the first permanent housing program with supportive services in 2004 and dedicated it as Glenwood Housing. The Glenwood housing program with supportive services helps individuals remain in permanent housing. Haworth House opened in November of 2012 as an expansion of Glenwood Housing. These units are called Haworth House in honor of retired executive director and The Servant Center founder, Gail Haworth.
The food pantry was integrated in the late 90's in order to address the need of those facing food insecurity in the Greensboro community and for the residents in The Servant Center's transitional housing program.

The Disability Assistance program dates back to a 1997 contract with Cone Health System that provides assistance with the application process for entitlements through the Social Security Administration.

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