Legacy Crossing (Ashton)


Volunteer to help African immigrants and refugees. Tutor the children, help adults with their English proficiency through general conversation and assist adults with basic socialization skills.In partnership with Center for New North Carolinians.
Ashton Woods is a large apartment complex on Hahns Lane off Franklin Blvd. Students carpool from Guilford to provide after school tutoring and mentoring to immigrant and refugee youth.
Ashton Woods is  refugee resettlement housing site, where residents are offered a range of support and services. 
World's Best Kids fest

2015-2016 Goals

  • After-school tutoring immigrant and refugee youth
  • Building mentoring relationships with newcomer youth and young adults
  • Provide social enrichment programs for youth through boys and girls groups, sports teams and special interest groups
  • Beautification projects at the center including painting, cleaning organizing supplies, etc
  • The opportunities are endless!

Carpool Monday- Friday: Leaving the Bonner House at 3:15pm- returning to Guilford at 6:30pm 
(Meet at the Bonner House)

                                                         Project Coordinator
Emmanuel Williams williamsej@guilford.edu
Rebecca Reyna reynarm@guilford.edu 



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Issues-based nonprofit

Support from a business owner
2014-2015 Important Texts and Resources
Content guidelines, style and format page
• Welcoming Greensboro Initiative   
Slideshow from American Friends Service Committee, Uniting NC, Bonner Center et al 
• Welcoming Greensboro Initiative, Full Report to the City
• Social Equity in the Triad 
from Piedmont Together
Bonner Center Facebook   
Look at links we’ve posted on poverty, social injustice, food insecurity, etc and see where they lead
High Impact 101
Understand what High Impact Practices mean
Visual Images

(Facilitator) I’m from --- (and gives personal details about his/her life).
Where are you from?
(Facilitator) Here are my origins --- (and gives family history. Try to go back 2-3 generations and link origins to place. Have a map for everyone to use? Use a map to show one’s origins.)
Where are your people from?
(Facilitator) Please show us on the map... (express interest)
(Facilitator) Tell me more about... (express interest and engagement with teller’s ID, place of origin.)
Anything else that they would like to share
(Facilitator) This is why this work is important to me... (Facilitator sets the stakes high, shares not just random personal info but inner conviction, belief, etc.)

What do you know/assumptions about Ashton Woods and the population that live there?
History of Ashton Woods and Refugee population

    •    Questions time
Why are you interested in volunteering at Ashton Woods?

What is the difference between helping and serving? Similarities if any?
This is a good way to get at people’s thinking.

We want to push everyone — volunteers included — to consider themselves as collaborators working with community members.

But to be a “partner” or “collaborator” participants need to know the history of Ashton, MUST know some details about the countries from which people come, some familiarity with the CONFLICTS that brought them to the US, and something about what refugee and immigrant life is like in the US and Greensboro.

Be ready to hold a small class and dispense a lot of info. Alternatively, create background info and links that volunteers can read up on before showing up on site.



Maybe talk about or experiences and how they may affect the work that we do