PREM 01 How To Use It: Bonner Center Resources

How To Use It: Bonner Center Resources
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Premester week
Young, facilitator
2 hours

Course Goals
At the end of this course you will be familiar with the Center, its mission, history, programs, sites, projects, personnel and resources. You will be able to inform and instruct teammates, Guilford students and instructors about on-going projects and explain how each can improve Guilford’s commitment to community engagement.

The Center
What’s the purpose of the Bonner Center for Community Service and Learning?
What’s the meaning of the name?
How is it different from other centers on the college?
What’s the difference between the Bonner Scholars Program and the Bonner Center?

Philosophy and Practices
What are the College’s core values?
How are they practiced?
What are High Impact Practices?
What are the SENCER ideals?
Is travel abroad also service learning? Is research also service learning?

What are the different scholarships and positions available to students?
Who oversees them...?
     Bonner Scholar
     Community Scholar
     AmeriCorps Intern
     Bonner Center Fellow
     Site Coordinator
     Independent Project Coordinator
     Project Community Coordinator
When can you or your team members use the Bonner Center?

Who are the staff and what are their roles?
If you or your team members or students you're recruiting ask, how will you answer?
     Who do I see about becoming a Community Scholar?
     Who do I talk to about helping out at campus events?
     Where do I go to meet my ride going to the community site?
     When is Kids Fest?
     When does CAAP meet?
     Where is the Bonner Center?
     How do I sign up for community service work?
Which faculty are directly connected to Service Learning experiences?
Who has served at the Bonner Center in the past? Who is connected to the Center?

What’s the purpose of the Bonner blog site?
What’s the purpose of the Bonner Facebook page?
Should service site and independent project site Facebook pages be connected to the Bonner Facebook page?
What’s the connection between the official Guilford College site and Bonner blog site and Facebook pages?

Sites, Projects, Events
What's the difference?
Bonner has many sites. Why?
Where are these sites? How are they determined?
Who can be on a site? Who is authorized?
How is a project launched?
Who is in charge?
How is it funded?
How are events planned?
Do they need to be approved?
Should something unusual, problematic, troubling, etc happen at a site, project, or event, what should you do?

If your site or project needs funding, how do you obtain it?
What funds are available through Bonner Center? 

Terms to know
     Assessment, asset mapping
           Example of community asset questionnaire
     Funds of knowledge, or community assets
     Deficit model
     Community-based, neighborhood based, grassroots, bottom-up
     Community building, trust building

     Service learning, community service
     Community engaged scholarship
     Standards of scholarly work:
          Clear goals
          Adequate preparation
          Appropriate methods
          Significant results
          Effective presentation
          Reflective critique

     Community based research (CBR) or community-based participatory research (CBPR)
         “Community property rather than academic work.”

     High Impact Practices, model and results

Summary and Review 

How do I
...find the Bonner Center mission statement?
...file an incident report?
...see how faculty can create a course with a Service Learning component (use my community site or project as a resource)?
...get to Bonner’s Facebook page?

High Impact Practices 
Assessing Underserved Students' Engagement in High-Impact Practices (2013) 
SENCER ideals