PREM 02 Tour of Community Sites

Tour of Community Sites, Projects and Partnerships

Premester week
Instructor: Young, et al
3-5 hours

Course Goals
With the sub-theme, Seeing is Believing, a challenge to the Guilford College campus community to “get on the bus” and for individuals to see themselves the changing neighborhoods and communities living just minutes from the college. By the end of the tour, participants will understand how the region’s demographic changes challenge assumptions about how the College interprets globalism, localism, diversity, and its core values.

Slide show overview
Bus tour will include stops and discussion
Lunch in downtown Center City Park
Feedback and reflection

Start becoming a good observer
So take photos with your buddy (yeah, buddy up) and write down (you must, you won’t be able to identify what you’ve seen from memory alone) the location, site name, etc.

Send me the photos via email or dropbox. Or you can come to the Bonner Center and download onto one of the office hard drives. Don’t forget to save your documentation. We’ll use these images to construct a group slide show and online tour. 

What do you know about the city and its history?
What are the population breakdowns?
How do they compare to Guilford College’s?



How do I
...learn more information about a site? with a partner at a site?
...find out more about a site or ongoing project?
...learn more about tours?
...find out about the Welcoming Greensboro Initiative?
...learn about the region’s changing demographics?
...find out about the new development that replaced the old Morningside homes?
...understand more about Beloved Community’s police accountability project?