PREM 13 Media, Advocacy, Storytelling, Promotion

Media, Advocacy, Storytelling, Promotion
Full training schedule: all BC courses

6 hours
Young, instructor

Course Goals 
At the end of this course you’ll understand the importance and influence of media, how to use it to shape and tell the story of your site, project or people, how to use a story as a tool for advocacy, how to create or prepare strong supportive photographs, graphics or diagrams, and how to combine them with effective writing, speaking and delivery.
     Includes hands on exercises and performance tests.

Why is training needed? Scale and scope of the problem.
What are we preparing for?
Who covers what? (OSLE, PPS, Bonner, IRB etc)
--CPR // Khristina
--Cultural Competency
--Understanding Racism
--Belmont Report