PREM 11 Fundamentals of After School Tutoring

Fundamentals of After School Tutoring
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Premester week
xx hours

Course Goals
At the end of this course you will understand the role and responsibilities of a tutor. You will understand typical learning problems encountered by refugee and immigrant children and their families, including cultural and language barriers. You will be able to effectively demonstrate learning techniques and strategies for young learners and how to access online and other resources to assist you.
     Includes hands on exercises and performance tests.

Mentors and tutors in culturally diverse communities
Your role, your behavior, your leadership

Language and communication issues
Peer and social issues
Parents, siblings and families in learning
Traditions and cultures in learning
Refugee learners

Active and passive learning
Typical situations
Typical challenges
Cultural influences and factors: examples
Role of families: examples

What do you do when...

Illiterate, preliterate
Translate, interpret


How do I
Abcd? Mnop?

Applied Tech 
• Google Translate
• Concrete v digital

Glenwood Tutoring Guide Hard copies available at the Bonner Center.
• Brief videos exemplifying techniques used to keep kids active and engaged, from NY Times Magazine story, Head of the Class