PREM 06 OODA: Community Engagement By Walking Around

OODA: Community Engagement By Walking Around
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Premester week
Instructor: Young, et al

Course Goals
OODA is an acronym for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act, also known as the Boyd feedback loop. In this course, the relation between observation of community interactions and action and intervention by Project and Site Coordinators, Fellows and Project Community Coordinators, drawn from a range of fields like history, anthropology, sports, education, business, neurology, game theory, visual arts, and psychology. You will be learn to use your observations and experiences and those of your team to manage the daily operations of your site or project and to incrementally improve performance and outcomes.
     Includes hands on exercises and performance tests. Since this course includes content equivalent of BC-A, BC-B, BC-C, participants will have met cultural competency and site training requirements.

         What is OODA?
         Useful applications: Analyzing teachers’ techniques
         Blogsite walkthrough

     View online videos
     Responses / discussion

Leaders’ exericse 1
      Find online videos
      Watch videos
      Conduct reflection

Leaders’ exericse 2
     Read the full set of instructions received by student (see bottom of page) about to attend a Cultural Competency Language Lesson.
     Summarize and verbally explain the rules to your classmate.

Leaders’ exercise 3
     How to make a survey 
     Google forms
How do I
...tell a student to register for a site or start online training?
...start Part 1, Online Training, and view videos?
...understand how hours are tracked?
...find out how many languages are spoken in Greensboro? ...find out the past results of other Bonner Center leaders’ knowledge?

...perform CPR?
...file out an incident report? ...see what’s going on for CSI?

Additional Sources